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Although storytelling is an innate human experience, mastering it as a skill requires dedication, support, and commitment. It is not merely an art, but a craft that must be nurtured and developed with intention and persistence.

Alexandra Panic

Cute Notebooks

Helen Taylor

Alexandra's writing classes are structured but fun and I have learned so much from her about the craft of writing.


Rita Turner

Alexandra's classes push me to write more and more frequently.

Design Book

Lori Wilken

I look forward to every week. Alexandra inspires me to go beyond what I thought I could do with writing and creates a safe environment to share pieces and ideas.



I specialize in embodied mentorship programs tailored for writers at all stages of their journey, whether they are just beginning or have been honing their craft for years. These programs are designed to support both groups and individuals, helping each writer to develop their unique voice and deepen their practice in a nurturing, supportive environment. Through a blend of creative techniques and personal growth strategies, we address the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring a well-rounded and transformative writing experience.

As a mentor guided by Saturn's principles of dedication and commitment, I require a minimum engagement of three months for all my programs. This framework ensures that each writer has the time and support needed to develop and refine their craft.

Group Courses 
Personalized Mentoring Journey

Manuscript Consultations

Writer'sBlock Consultations

How Can We Work Together

Personalized Journeys in Creative Writing


Group Classes

I offer online group classes from October to June, each lasting 10 weeks and centered around seasonal themes. Classes are available in both English and Serbian, with each group limited to 8 participants. This ensures I can provide dedicated attention to everyone. These classes are designed to help you find your voice, discover the best form for your story, and establish a consistent writing practice.

The genre you prefer doesn’t matter to me. As your teacher, I'm here to help you push your boundaries and try out different forms of storytelling.


Personalized Mentoring Journey

Not everyone will benefit from a group class and that is why I work with writers one on one. This is a completely personalized journey, the map of which we create in the beginning. All maps are subject to revision, and that is why we revise our approach as we go to better suit your needs. I created a general map of my personalized mentoring programs that we can follow or, we'll create a new one.

The investment in personal mentoring is based upon the pace of our journey and can be always tailored to adjust to your budget. 


Manuscript Consultations

If you already have a finished draft of your manuscript, we'll dive into it and embark on my favorite journey: the journey of revision. My mentor, Lidia Yuknavitch, says, "First you write a story, then you make art out of it." I aim to transform your perspective on revision, teaching you to see it as the phase where you truly create art.

The investment in manuscript consultations is based upon the length of your draft and the time we'll spend together and can be always tailored to adjust to your budget. 


Writer's Block Consultations

Even the most accomplished writers experience 'dry' periods when they struggle to write or doubt the purpose of their stories. We all get stuck, often trapped within our own bodies and minds. This is where my embodied approach can make a significant difference.

As an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, I invite you to trust me to design a set of practices tailored to free your voice and liberate your story from the depths where they might seem lost.

We can meet just once for an intensive few-hour session, or we can schedule a series of sessions, depending on your needs.

From SEATTLE classroom

Kiana McCrackin

Kiana McCrackin is a mama writer, photographer, cloud gazer, tree lover. Kiana records the experience of being a woman/mother/wife and the emotions that come with those roles. She grew up in Alaska, has lived all over the west coast, and currently resides in South Dakota where she is discovering what the wind has to say.


Follow Kiana on Instagram @she_arranges_words


Andrle Ward

Andrle Ward lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, son, and small dog. A poet since childhood, she now enjoys reading and writing across genres, including speculative fiction and personal essays. She loves spending time with her family, learning about minimalism, and caring for her houseplants.

Follow Andrle on Instagram @andrpant


Rita Pellegrini

Rita Pellegrini was born in Brazil and now lives in Seattle, WA, where she divides her time between her greatest passions: motherhood and writing.

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Alexandra Panic

Alexandra Panic plays with language, genre, and form, always searching for a new way of expression. She  blends personal, fictional, and theoretical in her poetry, essays, and stories. 

Follow Alexandra on Instagram @alessapanic

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