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I see MENTORING IN WRITING as a holistic journey, facilitated to help you develop your unique voice and refine your writing practice. 

Should you choose to work with me, your journey will be tailored to align with your current needs and who you are as a writer.


Why Would You Need a Mentor?

The voice of a mentor is an essential archetype in every story. I use "voice" deliberately, as a mentor  doesn't always need to have a physical presence. The writers I read, most of whom I've never met in person, were the mentors I learned from the most. Heroines and heroes receive guidance in myriad ways. Writers, too, embark on a lifelong journey, often seeking a roadmap or the wisdom of a teacher at various stages.

To cater to where you might find yourself on your writing journey, I have structured my mentoring program into three distinct categories: Lighthouse, Chariot, and Waves. However, the specific design of your program is crafted collaboratively to meet your unique needs. I meet you exactly where you are, sprinkle you with some pixie dust , and together, we advance toward your goals.

The investment in personal mentoring varies, depending on the pace of our journey together, and can be adjusted to fit your budget. This is what we talk about on our INTRODUCTORY CALL.

Lighthouse, Chariot or Waves?


Is for Radical Expolration

In the LIGHTHOUSE program, I will help you transform the overwhelming need to tell a story into a real first draft. This is the part of the journey when we play with elements of water and earth. 

We will dive into the ocean of creativity and swim on, exploring your potential. Even when I push you beyond what you expected, I will be your safe Lighthouse on the shore.


Is for Mastery and Triumph

In the CHARIOT program, we evoke the fire element to make art. We master the craft. We master our resistance. And what is most important, we learn how to govern the creative fire. 


Chariot is the most intense part of the process, requiring dedication, trust, and patience for the inevitable future of trial and error. 


Is for Creative Rebelion

In the WAVES program, I work with writers who are comfortable with their voices and have mastered the craft but want to explore new possibilities.


HOW CAN WE DO THIS DIFFERENTLY is the signature question of my soul and the core of my mission as a writing teacher. WAVES are my synthesis of all five elements (in Ayurveda, we distinguish ether or space as the fifth element in nature) and the synthesis of everything I absorbed over 25 years of learning creative writing.


Aleksandra Đorđević

Alexandra brings that sophisticated creativity that can be found only in exceptional erudite open to new ideas, a true cosmopolitan.

Personal Desk

Shannon Bentley

After talking to Alexandra, within five minutes, you will understand how dedicated she is to the craft of writing. She has a true passion for characters and suggests creative and unique ways to help them come alive on the page.

Tree Shadows on Wall

Kiana McKrackin

Alex has helped me release my soul with writing, I am ever grateful for her teachings, advice, and encouragement.

Are you ready to embark on your writing journey?


Email me at

I will respond with available dates and the link for our online call. I will also send you a questionary which will help me prepare for our meeting. 

During our call, we'll create an initial roadmap for our writing journey together, establishing the pace and structure of our sessions, as well as the payment plan. From here, we'll progress towards ayour goals.

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