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I see MENTORING IN WRITING as a holistic, facilitated journey of developing one's unique voice and writing practice.

Should you work with me, your journey will align with who you are and what you need now. 


The inevitable archetype in every story is the voice of a mentor. I chose the word voice purposefully for a mentor doesn't have to embody a physical form. Heroines and heroes receive guidance in various ways. Writers commit to a life-long writer's journey, on which, at some point, they wish for a road map or the guidance of a teacher.


Based on where you might be on your writer's journey and the main elements we will work with, I divided my mentoring program into three categories: Lighthouse, Chariot, and Waves, However, we create the detailed structure of your program together to support your unique needs. I always meet you wherever you are, sprinkle you with some pixie dust, and together, we move forward.


LIGHTHOUSE is for radical exploration 
CHARIOT is for mastery & triumph

WAVES  is for creative rebellion


Aleksandra Đorđević

Alexandra brings that sophisticated creativity that can be found only in exceptional erudite open to new ideas, a true cosmopolitan.

Personal Desk

Shannon Bentley

After talking to Alexandra, within five minutes, you will understand how dedicated she is to the craft of writing. She has a true passion for characters and suggests creative and unique ways to help them come alive on the page.

Tree Shadows on Wall

Kiana McKrackin

Alex has helped me release my soul with writing, I am ever grateful for her teachings, advice, and encouragement.

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