I was ten weeks pregnant with a toddler at home when I started my MFA program at Goddard College. It was the craziest choice I've ever made. Although I knew well what pursuing a dream of becoming a writer meant for a woman, especially a full-time mom of small children, my desire became inevitable, and I couldn't ignore it. For two and a half years I was searching for ways to write alongside my growing daughters, relying on the support of my family and my community of writers.

However, writing proved to be a solitary occupation; inspiration comes and goes and resistance, like a beast, growls at us from every corner.


To keep writing, a writer needs space (not always physical), a community of similar minds, a cheering team. And a mom writer needs all the help she can get.

I created MAMA WRITES to inspire and encourage women writers, and to help them navigate their artistic journeys. 

It’s been six years since I welcomed the first group of women, and I am still equally excited about the purpose of my MAMA WRITES program. I am blessed with the opportunity and skills to support women in various phases of their writing journey. And I am honored to have those same women guide me, encourage me, and inspire me back.


Lori Wilken

"I look forward to MAMA WRITES every week. Alexandra inspires me to go beyond what I thought I could do with writing and creates a safe environment to share pieces and ideas."


Helen Taylor

"MAMA WRITES classes are structured but fun and I have learned so much from Alex about the craft of writing."

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Rita Turner

"MAMA WRITES classes push me to write more and more frequently."


What to expect from the MAMA WRITES program? 

I like to run six to ten-week-long seasonal sessions and focus on a specific theme. We meet once a week on ZOOM when I bring questions related to the craft and excerpts from literary works that are important, current, or inspiring.

We look closely at those works trying to learn from the text. We try to learn from writers we love as well as from one another.

Every time, I offer at least two writing prompts, and I hold space for your writing. The most beautiful part of the class is our sharing and discussion.

Although I lead MAMA WRITES classes, I consider myself an equal participant. I write and I share my process and my practice with you.

Once you join us, you'll become a part of our growing community that you can always count on for support and inspiration. 

In April 2022, I am enrolling a NEW GROUP OF WOMEN WRITERS for the special 6th ANNIVERSARY SERIES. We will be weaving story fragments you've scattered inside your journals or thoughts that never even left your mind into coherent and publishable pieces.