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We tell ourselves stories
in order to live.

Joan Didion

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Lighthouse is for radical exploration 
Chariot is for mastery & triumph

Waves  is for creative rebellion


Stories are born from the deepest, most hidden folds within us. To share them, we must first discover them within our bodies and liberate them.

Imagine an expansive ocean within the mind where imagination melds with experience, where personal and collective boundaries blur and dissolve. In astrology, the mind is symbolized by the Moon, whose phases influence both the Earth’s waters and the waters within our bodies. It is from these depths that the urge to tell a story arises. Yet, before we can share our stories with the world, we must give them form; we must define their edges.

In the Lighthouse program, I guide you in transforming this compelling need to tell your story into a tangible first draft. Together, we will plunge into the ocean of your creativity, navigating through uncharted waters and unlocking your potential. As I challenge you to reach beyond your expectations, I will remain your steadfast Lighthouse, ensuring your safe return to shore.

Over the course of a minimum of three months, we will traverse the elements of water and earth, molding your thoughts and emotions into a substantive material that you can refine and perfect.



Lidia Yuknavitch teaches us that the initial step is to write the story; only then can we sculpt it into art.

In the Chariot program, we summon the fire element to transform your writing into art. Here, you will master the craft, conquer resistance, and most importantly, learn to harness and govern the creative fire.

The Chariot stage is the most demanding part of the process. It requires unwavering dedication, trust, and patience, as it is fraught with the inevitable challenges of trial and error. This critical phase is also where many talented writers face their greatest tests and are often tempted to give up.

For the Chariot, I seek a commitment of at least six months. Much like in Yin Yoga, the writing process demands time, stillness, and determination.

Image by Pavan Kumaar


To truly make WAVES and ride them, we must summon the element of air! A warm, swift breeze is what propels us forward, allowing us to play and soar to heights previously thought unreachable.

In the WAVES program, I collaborate with writers who are confident in their voices and have honed their craft to perfection. I become that gust of wind: nudging you from your comfort zone and demonstrating that you can indeed fly.

I challenge you to explore new possibilities and to truly see the vastness of the sky above.

HOW CAN WE DO THIS DIFFERENTLY? is the signature question that fuels my soul and drives my mission as a writing teacher. WAVES represents the culmiation of all five elements — recognizing ether or space as the essential fifth element in Ayurveda — and encapsulates everything I have learned over three decades of studying creative writing.

You can engage with this program flexibly, joining me whenever you 'feel' the WAVES. Whether you prefer month-to-month sessions or 12-week cycles, I am here to lift you into the boundless sky of your creative potential.


What are your next steps?

1. Schedule a free consultation

2. We’ll create a specific journey to answer your needs

3. Commit to the time we’ll work together

4. Trust the process

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