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We tell ourselves stories
in order to live.

Joan Didion

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Lighthouse is for radical exploration 
Chariot is for mastery & triumph

Waves  is for creative rebellion


Stories come from the deepest, the most hidden folds within us. To tell them to ourselves, we need to find them in our bodies and set them free. 


Imagine the vast ocean of the mind in which imagination and experience merge, in which the personal and the collective blur and lose edges.


In Astrology, the mind is represented by the Moon and her changes. The Moon also moves the Earth's water and the water in our bodies.

With the help of the water element or from the depths of the water, we recognize the urge to tell a story. However, to share our stories, we first need to anchor them to a tangible form; we need to give them edges.


I will help you transform the overwhelming need to tell a story into a real first draft in the Lighthouse program.


We will dive into that ocean of creativity and swim on, exploring your potential. Even when I push you beyond what you expected, I will be your safe Lighthouse on the shore.

During a minimum of three months, we'll move through the water and earth elements to transform your thoughts and feelings into a physical material you can later perfect. 




Lidia Yuknavitch teaches us that we must first write the story and then make art out of it.

In the Chariot program, we evoke the fire element to make art. We master the craft. We master our resistance. And what is most important, we learn how to govern the creative fire.


Chariot is the most intense part of the process, requiring dedication, trust, and patience for the inevitable future of trial and error. Also, this is the part of the journey where most talented writers give up.


For Chariot, I ask for at least six months of trust and commitment. Writing is a process that, similar to Yin Yoga, requires time, stillness, and resolve.

Image by Pavan Kumaar


To make WAVES and ride them, we need to evoke the element of air! We need a warm and quick gust of wind to help us move and play and soar to the heights we thought were unreachable.


In the WAVES program, I work with writers who are comfortable with their voices and have mastered the craft. I become a gust of wind: I push you off your nest and show you that you can fly. I make you explore possibilities. I will show you how to see the vastness of the sky.

HOW CAN WE DO THIS DIFFERENTLY is the signature question of my soul and the core of my mission as a writing teacher. WAVES are my synthesis of all five elements (in Ayurveda, we distinguish ether or space as the fifth element in nature) and the synthesis of everything I absorbed over 30 years of learning creative writing.


In this program, you can work with me whenever you “feel” the WAVES. Month-to-month or in 12-week cycles.



What are your next steps?

1. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation

2. We’ll create a specific journey to answer your needs

3. Commit to the time we’ll work together

4. Trust the process

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