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Universal Problem
“One of the odd things about being a writer is that you never reach a point of certainty, a point of mastery where you can say, right, now I understand how this is done.”


Jenny Offill wrote this, and even if I tried to articulate a similar sentence about how I feel as a writer and a writing teacher, I would never match the accuracy of the quote.


The truth is that we never reach the point of certainty, we never fully understand how this is done.


The Promise

What is certain now, when you are reading this, is your curiosity. You have started a journey, or you are just about to set off.

The journey of writing is yours alone and undeniably unique. However, writing gets you to a place of loneliness and isolation from where the only way out toward our connectedness is through a loving community of similar minds.


This is where I step in as a creative writing teacher. I find you in that sea of loneliness, and I point you toward a lighthouse.

I do not come along to tell you how to write. There are no "how-tos" in writing. My role is of a guide who carries a flashlight.


  • I will be there to help you map your itinerary,  find your voice, and the literary form that resonates with you.

  • I will be there to help you find an alternative path, and you can bet I will challenge you to try out different routes before you get comfortable on your journey.  

  • I will also help you pin time for writing in your busy life, and I promise to push you back toward writing anytime you dare think of abandoning your story.


I was there, too, staring at the endless white of the paper without a voice.


I approach the writing practice holistically, which means that I like to take care of YOU while stretching YOUR mind so extensively. During our time together, we can talk about yoga, meditation, wellness, or even have some fun with astrology.

When the mind, heart, and body come together, the real magic happens. 

Schedule your FREE 30 minutes consultation!

To get you started:

  • I'll ask you to send me a short piece (3-10 pages) of your work

  • We will proceed with the free 30-minute video call to talk about your writing goals.

  • And, because this program is uniquely designed for your specific needs, we will design your own LIGHTHOUSE.

I do ask for an initial commitment of three months, which I find necessary for the success of the program.


$675 for three months of holistic coaching.

Fee payable in two installments via PayPal or Venmo.

If you are in my LIGHTHOUSE program, all my online workshops and yoga classes are complimentary. 

Finances should never be a barrier to getting the support you need and deserve. If you need a sliding scale, please mention this in your free consultation.


Lori Wilken

"Alexandra offers thoughtful critique and suggestions that encourage and inspire my thinking."

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Shannon Bentley

"After talking to Alexandra, inside of five minutes, you will understand how dedicated she is to craft of writing. She has a true passion for characters and suggests creative and unique ways to help them come alive on the page."


Kiana McCrackin

"Alex has helped me release my soul with writing, I am ever grateful for her teachings, advice, and encouragement."

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