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Stories come from the deepest, the most hidden folds within us. To tell them to ourselves, we need to find them in our bodies and set them free. To tell them to the world, we need to liberate our voices.

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This is me

We all have many selves, the fact that makes introductions complicated: Yes, I am a writer + holistic writing teacher + tantric yoga teacher + astrologer (a.k.a star witch).  

I was born and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, and then moved to the United States (Seattle, WA), where I've become who I am today.


I continue my process of becoming and living in-between languages and continents: traveling, learning, changing, writing, and teaching others.

Although a teacher, I always remain a student. I am a Ph.D. student in Transdisciplinary Studies in Contemporary Art and Media at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, Serbia. 

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, class 2017, Port Townsend, WA, and a BA in Italian language and literature from Belgrade University, Serbia. 

I am a 500 hr registered yoga teacher with additional training in Yin Yoga, Tantra, mindfulness, and trauma-informed teaching. For more information on my work around yoga and astrology, visit FLOWER MOON PRACTICE. 


Every woman has a story to tell.
We all need a place to start.


I am passionate about teaching creative writing and helping writers, especially women, develop their voices and writing practice.


Teaching Creative Writing is an interdisciplinary endeavor, and therefore, I may introduce you to other art practices, theories, philosophy, yoga, or even astrology to help you find and cultivate your unique expression. 

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