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Stories emerge from the deepest, most hidden folds within us. To share them with ourselves, we must first uncover them in our bodies and set them free. To share them with the world, we need to liberate our voices.

I believe that writing is a lifelong practice deeply rooted in the body. Our stories are stored within us, and releasing them requires a variety of holistic practices beyond traditional and academic writing workshop.

My teaching approach centers on the belief that simply learning 'how to write' is not enough. Writing is a practice of the body and only embodied approach to writing will give us satisfying results. When working with me, we explore various supportive practices such as somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, yoga, and branching out into other arts and practices. This approach helps my students tap into all parts of themselves to truly express and share their stories with the world.

This is me

Introducing oneself can be truly complex when wearing many hats: I am a writer, a writing teacher, a yoga and meditation teacher, and an experienced astrologer.


My journey spans continents and cultures, with homes in Belgrade, Serbia, and Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. I also find a loud sense of belonging in Italy, and Istria, Croatia. My nomadic experience of living in-between languages and continents fortified literature as the place where I always feel safe and rooted. Embracing this in-betweenness as my true essence has been a journey of travel, learning, growth, change, writing, and teaching.

Currently based in Belgrade, I am completing my Ph.D. dissertation in Transdisciplinary Studies in Contemporary Art and Media at the Faculty of Media and Communications. My research focuses on the intersection of autofiction and memory across various arts, examining female authorship in the 21st century, transgenerational storytelling, and post-Yugoslavian feminist narratives.

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College (class of 2017, Port Townsend, WA) and a MA in Italian Language and Literature from Belgrade University. Additionally, I am a 500-hr registered yoga teacher (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®), with special training in Yin Yoga, Tantra, mindfulness, and trauma-informed practices. To learn more about my integrative work with yoga and astrology, I invite you to visit the Flower Moon Collective.

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How I teach

My extensive training in yoga and meditation enriches not only my personal life but also deeply influences my teaching, enabling me to provide a unique, embodied approach to creative writing that centers around the body and is trauma-informed. This means I focus on truly seeing you and acknowledging your journey, stories, experiences, and any trauma your body may hold. My duty as a teacher is to create and hold a safe space for you to express yourself. To accomplish this, I will incorporate the whole body's experience and awareness, integrating physical presence, movement, and sensory experiences into the learning process.

I firmly believe that every woman has a story to tell and that we all need a place to begin and extensive support to share our stories. That is why, I am deeply passionate about teaching writing and dedicated to helping writers—especially women—develop their voices and refine their writing practices.


Join me on my continuous journey of discovery, where we uncover layers of our identities and experience the transformative power of stories.


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Thanks for contacting me, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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