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I have always been inquisitive about astrology and starting as a twelve-year-old, I have begun to read and learn about signs, constellations, celestial bodies, and their impact on our lives. I had shared my knowledge only with my close friends, until, during my first yoga teacher training, I embraced the connection between astrology and my yoga practice.


I now use the teachings of astrology to help me align my physical and energetic bodies with celestial bodies.



In my astrology inspired yoga classes and workshops, we will focus on a specific alignment of celestial bodies at a given moment, or on a certain constellation or a planet affecting us. Astrology offers the map of the body where each sign and each planet rule the specific body parts and organs, all of which I consider when creating my classes.


My Yoga + Astrology workshops are designed to help you find alignment and balance with and within the universe.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now offering Yoga + Astrology Workshops and monthly Full Moon Yin practice via Zoom

Register for the upcoming events.

Contact me to register for un upcoming Zoom class, and I will send you the link for the event. All my Zoom classes and workshop fees are currently by an optional donation. PayPal or Venmo information will be provided upon registration.