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There comes a time for all of us when we doubt our stories, our talents, and even the purpose of our writing.

In those times of crisis, we need an understanding soul we can trust with our work.

I have years of experience in editing and teaching creative writing, and I can offer you a neutral eye that will look at your work from a fresh angle, help you diagnose your story problem(s), and guide you toward completing your project(s).

For all writers of:

  • Fiction

  • Creative nonfiction

  • Poetry 

Writing in:

  • English

  • Serbian

  • Bosnian

  • Croatian

  • Italian

My consultations include advice on:

  • Finding and highlighting your artistic strengths

  • Developing the storyline and characters

  • Deepening the thematic structure 

  • Improving your syntax and enriching your language

  • Liberating you from all your shoulds and how-tos

  • Embracing the new ways and possibilities

  • Writing practice and daily routine

When you can work with me?

  • If you have completed a manuscript, but you feel that something isn't working, is missing, or you simply don't love it

  • If you have been unable to finish or structure your story

  • If you are tired of rejections

The process is simple:

  • Share your pages with me

  • I will read them carefully and send you my thoughts and suggestions

  • We will meet online and talk about everything


  • If you need to consult me for short stories, essays, or individual works of poetry, I charge $60 per hour

  • For full-length manuscripts, I now offer a sliding scale. We will find the best possible solution. 


Aleksandra Djordjevic

"Alexandra brings that sophisticated creativity that can be found only in exceptional erudite open to new ideas, a true cosmopolitan."

carolyn-v-537271-unsplash (1).jpg

Shannon Bentley

"Alexandra helped me realize that my characters needed to be extraordinary, and showed me ways I could really get to the root of their motivations. With Alexandra's sharp insights my work improved greatly and I was able to successfully complete my screenplay."


Kiana McCrackin

"Alex has helped me release my soul with writing, I am ever grateful for her teachings, advice, and encouragement."

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