MAMA WRITES Holistic Coaching 


As a creative writing teacher, I am not there to tell you how to write. My role is of a guide who carries a flashlight. I will help you find your voice and the literary form that resonates with you. I will help you find your path, and I will challenge you to try out different routes.

I will also help you pin time for writing in your busy life, and I promise to push you back toward writing anytime you dare think of abandoning your story.

I was there too, staring at the endless white of the paper without a voice.


To get you started, I will ask you to answer me a few questions, the responses to which will help me get to know you better, and I'll ask you to send me a short piece (3-5 pages) of your work. Then, we will proceed with the first 60 minutes of Skype conversation to talk about your writing and your goals.


Each week I will send you a letter containing my feedback for the pages you sent me last, a lesson on craft (depending on where you are on your journey), and an assignment for the following week.

Every other week, we will talk via Skype or FaceTime to address your questions and concerns. 

In-between our sessions, you will have my 24/7 unlimited email support. 

I approach the writing practice holistically, which means that I like to take care of the body while stretching the mind so extensively. During our time together, we can talk about yoga, meditation, wellness, or even have some fun with astrology. When mind, heart, and body come together, the real magic happens. 

Free 30 minutes consultation!

An initial commitment of three months is necessary for the program, for this is the minimum time it takes to see any results.


$750  for three months of holistic coaching.

Fee payable in two installments via PayPal.

Finances should never be a barrier to getting the support you need and deserve. If you need a sliding scale, please mention this in your free consultation.

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