Emergency Story Clinic is a safe and supportive place where you can take your writing in times of crises.


There comes the time for all of us when we doubt our stories, our talents, the purpose of our writing. In those times of crisis, we need help. We need a neutral eye that will be able to see our work from a fresh angle, a curious mind that will be able to ask us questions whose answers will enlighten different paths, and a caring soul that will see our strengths and help us employ them.

If you are:

a)  somewhere in the middle of your project or you’ve finished it, but you feel that something is not working

b)  unable to complete your story or tired of getting rejections

Send your pages to MAMA WRITES ER and I will give my all to help you diagnose your story problem(s), and guide you toward fixing them. 


MAMA WRITES ER is the right place for your

  • Fiction – short stories, novellas, and novels

  • Nonfiction – personal essays and memoir



$5 a page for a minimum of 10 pages.

Fees payable in advance via PayPal.

For more extensive work, we can discuss installments.

to schedule a consultation

"Alexandra offers thoughtful critique and suggestions that encourage and inspire my thinking."

Lori Wilken

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