The inevitable archetype in every story is the voice of a mentor. I chose the word voice purposefully for a mentor doesn't have to embody a physical form. Heroines and heroes receive guidance in various ways. Writers commit to a life-long writer's journey, on which, at some point, they wish for a road map or the guidance of a teacher.






Should you encounter me along your writer's journey, I will bring twenty years of experience in teaching languages and literary art, twenty-four years of reading the language of stars, five years in managing a literary journal, and a few years of teaching yoga. I share everything I know to support your journey, and because I know that every writing process is unique, I work with writers individually. I meet you wherever you are, sprinkle you with some pixie dust, and together, we move forward.

I divided my mentoring program into three different levels: Lighthouse, Chariot, and Waves, based on where you might be on your writer's journey and the main elements we will work with. However, we create the structure of your program together to support your needs. 

MAMA WRITES MENTORING is a facilitated process of developing your unique voice and your writing practice created to align with who you are and what you need at the moment. 

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In the Lighthouse program, I will help you transform the overwhelming need to tell a story into a real first draft. We will dive into that ocean of creativity and swim on, exploring your potentials.

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In the Chariot program, we evoke the fire element to make art. We master the craft. We master our resistance. And what is most important, we learn how to govern the creative fire.

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In the WAVES program, I work with writers who are comfortable with their voice and have mastered the craft. I literally become a gust of wind: I push you off your nest and show you that you can fly. 

Tuitions are calculated based on the intensity of the selected program and the frequency of the live sessions. 

The beginning is the hardest part of the journey!

You are here because you are curious. 

Let's talk! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


Lori Wilken

Alexandra offers thoughtful critique and suggestions that encourage and inspire my thinking.

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Shannon Bentley

After talking to Alexandra, inside of five minutes, you will understand how dedicated she is to the craft of writing. She has a true passion for characters and suggests creative and unique ways to help them come alive on the page.


Kiana McCrackin

Alex has helped me release my soul with writing, I am ever grateful for her teachings, advice, and encouragement.